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Buzz Interview Frequently Asked Questions

We get a lot of questions via our contact us page and so we’ve compiled the most frequently asked questions about our interview process below. If you still have questions please contact us.


How do I get Featured in a Buzz Magazine Interview?

Typically, one of your customers or clients nominates you for a Buzz Interview by sending your contact information to us via our “Submit a Story” link. However, there’s nothing from stopping you from submitting your own information!

Why should I get interviewed by Buzz Magazine?

Beyond the many thousands of eyeballs we attract every month, Buzz Magazine helps you get discovered organically on search engines. Many of the amazing people who get interviewed by Buzz Magazine find that their organic search rankings increase and often times their Buzz Magazine interview ranks in the top 5 results within as little as a week. Online published interviews are also considered for inclusion in out print editions, either local editions or our national edition.

What is the interview process?

Once we know you are interested in being interviewed we send you an email with a link to our interview questionnaire. It walks you through the process and you provide information as well as submit your pictures all online. If you have answers pre-written and have your pictures on your computer the whole process can be completed in 10 to 15 minutes.

How much does it cost?

The interview is free. We do offer a few add-ons like featured placement on the Buzz Magazine website, social media promotion of the interview and expedited publishing. But all the add-ons are 100% optional. There’s no guarantee that your free interview will be published, however, if your pictures are high resolution and your answers are thoughtful you should assume that you will be published.

Do I need to submit pictures with my interview?

Absolutely! Interviews without pictures cannot be reviewed by our editors. We suggest using a professional photographer. If you do choose to use a professional photographer ask about licensing and ensure that you can assign usage rights to a third-party (Buzz Magazine). Submit the best 4 to 8 pictures and be sure to have one picture the represents you so that we can use that as your cover photo. Pictures should be at a minimum 1920 w x 1080 h.

Where can I get a Print version of Buzz Magazine?

All Buzz Magazine local editions are available online, via google news and apple news. Some Buzz Magazine Local Editions are available in print and can be purchased online. If you are interested in being featured on the cover of a print edition or having your interview featured or included in a print edition Contact Us.

What questions do you ask in the interview?

There are typically 4 to 5 questions. We suggest that you write out answers ahead of time.

The questions cover: 1) What in your background set you on your current path?, 2) Have you had to overcome any struggles?, 3) What do you do?, what makes you special? and what differentiates you from your competition?, 4) What do your customers say about you?, 5) What do you define as success?

Make your answers engaging and exciting but factual and honest. We suggest 3 to 4 paragraphs per answer. We do add questions from time-to-time so give yourself a few extra minutes for the interview process.

How long does it take to get published?

Assuming that your interview questionnaire is complete and requires very little in terms of editing or follow-up, the turn-around time from submission to publication date is around 6 to 8 weeks. We do offer both a free and paid expediting process that we describe in detail after you submit your interview–these are both completely optional.

What happens after my interview gets published?

Once the interview is published we send you a link and a “Featured in Buzz Los Angeles” (or your city name) badge that you can use on your website, social media and published materials. We actively promote the best interviews via paid social media boost primarily on Facebook and Instagram (so be sure to write the best possible answers to questions and provide your social media links/handles so we can tag you if you are selected.)

Can I get a formatted PDF version of my Interview?

Yes! We can create what is called in the industry as a “Tear Sheet.” It looks like it was torn directly from a print magazine and is suitable for printing, framing, sharing and adding it to your website. Click here to learn more.

Will Buzz Magazine promote my Interview on Social Media?

Sure! We can create a meme of your best picture. We add our local edition BUZZ logo, write description such as “As Featured in Buzz Magazine” with a link to the interview and relevant hashtags to give you a little added boost. Click here to learn more.

What happens with the information and pictures I send to you?

Your answers and pictures will only be used for the interview and promotion of your interview. It will not be used for any other purpose. We will not sell any of your data, and we also do not use the information you provide to analyze it for marketing purposes. We do use Google Analytics to keep track of our website traffic. However, we do not aggregate, share, sell or otherwise use data for any other commercial purpose other than keeping track of our traffic.

I’ve seen some Buzz Interviews that contain an audio interview, how can I add that to my interview?

Podcasts and audio interviews are powerful tools. We’ve partnered with professional podcasters and will be rolling out that service this year. Having a professional audio interview recorded, edited and published isn’t an inexpensive proposition. If you are interested please send us a note and we’ll send you the details!

Can I email you my stuff (DOCs, PDFs, audio or video files, etc.)?

No, not unsolicited. If we need your stuff, we’ll ask. Any unsolicited attachments will simply be trashed. Sending your stuff will not help get your interviewed published. It’s not just because we don’t want our inbox to get filled up, there’s a legal reason and we don’t want that responsibility.

If you still have questions please contact us.