Buzz Interviews Christine W of Zahrä

My name is Christine I sale lashes it’s use to be called daya lashes it started when my cousin she sale hair it’s called Gold’n glam and she is so ambitious and always promoting and I was like want to start my own business I just remembering I use to wear lashes a lot and people would compliment me about my lashes then it pop up to my head why not start selling lashes it did well but I wanted to do something more so now I’m going to sale hand bags with my lashes and I’m changing the name to Zahrä. I’m still reconstruction my business I’m honestly recovering from bad anxiety attacks that Ive been happening and now I want to be more involved and help and listening to people who suffers from anxiety attacks and let them know they are not alone but if it wasn’t for my my parents, my brothers , my boyfriend Nate my close friends like Michaela, Miah, jaila , Domo, jewels and another Domo and my cousin briana I would probably still not know what I was dealing with so I want to hear more stories give advice on how to deal with anxietys it’s a scary feeling. I want to help so if you know anyone who deals with this dm me tell me stories. About it give me techniques advice on you dealt with it Continue Reading Meet Christine W of Zahrä